Thank you so much for your participation in Littlestone Summer Music PreCollege's inaugural season. It is our mission to make this the premiere opportunity for young artists to finds the tools & inspiration for personal development and lifelong learning, and to use these tools towards the fulfillment of their dreams. We place enormous value on the feedback of our students and their family, and humbly request your total honesty and 5-10 minutes of your time.

Please do not hesitate to answer these questions to the fullest extent that you feel appropriate, and know that your specific responses will not be shared to any members of our staff or faculty; I (Brian Biederman) am the only one who will see your responses, and will utilize your feedback as a means of improving our training, programming, and operations practices for all future summers. I WILL NOT BE OFFENDED BY YOUR HONESTY. I want to make this incredible and that means facing our fears, improving our weaknesses, and maintaining our strengths. If you say "Brian was the worst teacher I have ever worked with," please elaborate! It's the only way I will get better, and I have no shame -- I believe we can always improve, even at things we think we do well!

I greatly appreciate your time and honesty, and could not make this program a reality without your participation and assistance. Thank you so much!

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Camper Name
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