Welcome to the 2017 Littlestone Summer Music Festival SCHEDULE SURVEY!

Please carefully read the following ensemble & activity descriptions and select your preferences at the bottom of this page. Please note that your preferences do not automatically dictate your final schedule; however we will do our best to accommodate each musician based on their age, musical level, social maturity, and demonstrated work ethic. If you have any questions, feel free to include them on the bottom of this survey.

Take your time and enjoy!

Musical Theater

LiSMF's Musical Theater program has quickly become one of the most popular courses of study, enabling musicians in grades 6 - 12 to pursue their dreams of performing in staged productions of their favorite broadway musicals. Musical Theater courses & activities include: Musical Theater Ensemble 1 (novice) & MTE2 (intermediate), Movement & Dance, Introduction to Acting, and Improvisation.


Jazz is one of the foundational programs around which LiSMF is built, and currently features: one large ensemble (intermediate-level), improvisation classes, composition classes, and small ensemble jazz combos (novice thru intermediate). Students are placed into an ensemble that will require them to rise to the challenge of playing complex music, within the many sub-genres that make up jazz: swing, bebop, world-music, funk, fusion, and more. LiSMF features many outstanding jazz faculty members who guide and direct students throughout their ensemble and course studies. We are fortunate to feature multiple jazz performances & master classes throughout the festival.

A Cappella & Vocal Ensembles

LiSMF currently features two A Cappella ensembles, one vocal technique course, and a festival choir that contains all staff & campers. We will be adding a brand new A Cappella Arranging course for our 2017 program, which will enable campers to craft their own A Cappella arrangements from their favorite songs. 

Composition & Songwriting challenge LiSMF's most creative and self-motivated students to discover their own original voice in the form of original compositions and unique interpretations of other artists' works. LiSMF has two course options: Composition 1, which has a traditional composition-focus, and Songwriting & Interpretation, which focuses on building techniques for writing and recording original or covered songs.

Composition & Songwriting

We are thrilled to continue our Steel Pan Band program for the fifth season in a row! Highly acclaimed percussionist and clinician Chris Patterson will return to direct the band, and will continue to rock the house with an eclectic mix of traditional music and arrangements of popular music. Campers will spend two weeks learning techniques and the history of this incredibly unique instrument. Highly recommended for focused and diligent learners.

Steel Pan Band

Festival Strings will enter its second year as a part of LiSMF's program, and features Chamber Strings Ensemble and String Performance & Techniques Class. Chamber Strings rehearses and performs music of all genres and time periods, from Brahms to Taylor Swift. (not sure if we should admit that...)

Chamber Strings

LiSMF's Instrumental Techniques courses segment groups of campers by their primary instrument to work on fundamental through advanced techniques as they relate to: practicing independently, rehearsal etiquette, arranging, compositional interpretation, sight-reading, range building, embouchure techniques, posture and breathing techniques, and more!

Instrumental Techniques

LiSMF features a brand new course that aims to focus students on developing a healthy mind and body as they relate to music, specifically working on: posture, Alexander Technique, meditation, improvisation, composition, music therapy, and more. Mindfulness & Musicianship will be instructed by our new Dir. of Strings, cellist Zan Berry.

Mindfulness & Musicianship

LiSMF currently offers two music theory courses: Music Foundations, and Music Theory II. All middle school campers are automatically placed in Music Foundations unless they have demonstrated a confident grasp of fundamental concepts like: major scales, key signatures, rhythms, vocal pitch matching, intervals, and music notation. All students who have demonstrated a grasp of the aforementioned concepts are strongly encouraged to participate in Music Theory II, as it will build their fundamental music knowledge. Theory helps each musician understand the building blocks of creating, interpreting, and composing music.

Music Theory

One of LiSMF's best kept secrets is our Music History & Society course, led by musicologist Brittany Chase. Brittany works to make meaningful connections with each individual musician as they explore the rich cultural history of music and its participants. Previous courses have included the history of Jazz, Blues, Rock & Roll, Motown & Soul.

Music History & Society

Second Line Ensemble returns for its second year, giving musicians the opportunity to develop a variety of musical skills in the context of a New Orleans-style ensemble featuring classic and modern expressions of jazz culture.

Second Line Ensemble

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